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 We provide complete information on North Idaho’s Redoubt, from the articles we wrote and share (below left) to detailed onsite information on individual properties, all from a Local perspective. Our Buyers are simply well informed and diligent in their search, and we help them every way we can.


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Welcome to a place where your vision & dreams are the key!

We’ve worked hard to deliver the most information as we possibly can on the area, as we feel that information is power, our goal is to have well educated Buyers.

We believe that there are 2 primary things that folks anticipating a move to North Idaho need, great information on the area, and superb research on available properties. That being the case, we’ve divided our website into (2) sections, the “information” side, on the left, vertically, and below, the “Real Estate” side. So; to find out more about the area itself, click on any of the links on the left side of this homepage, and to work on finding the perfect property, read below, please.

We’d like to take a quick minute and explain why we believe that we are the superior choice in Real Estate Brokerages in North Idaho below, and then we’ll get on with helping you find THE property that is YOUR “North Idaho Dream”!

Why call a Revolutionary?


We’ve successfully worked with and sold property to hundreds of American Redoubt Families, people like you; they call themselves Preppers, Sustainable Living Folks, Survivalists, and regular people who just want a secure & sustainable environment for their families. Our expertise IS our experience, the difference between good property from a Redoubt AND value perspective is something that we are actively involved with on a daily basis.

We live what we sell, on & off grid homes, spring/creek/well development, in depth family scale growing of food, long term food storage, and how to defend it all.


What We Offer:

Access to every property for Sale in Northern Idaho’s Redoubt, Professional help in the selection & narrowing of properties to those that fit YOUR needs, critical eyes on the ground that provide honest, and accurate assistance in the art of bypassing properties that have derogatory issues, and as a result, focusing, purely, on properties that are accessible, useable, and defensible.

We offer excellent and solid Buyer’s Representation to our Buyers at no cost, as we are paid exclusively by the Seller at the time of sale, ensuring that you as a Buyer will get access to the BEST properties available, across the board.

Simply, like anyone else, our goal IS to make money, we are paid on Commission, so in order for this to occur, we are intensely clear in the ideal that the fastest, simplest way to a paycheck for us is doing the most spectacular job for you, the Buyer. We are as motivated as you are.

The Search

North Idaho has (2) Multiple Listing Services, the Coeur d’Alene MLS and the Selkirk MLS.

Revolutionary Realty is a Member of both Multiple Listing Services, so that we can provide our Buyers direct access to both; from this website, for free.

The Coeur d’Alene MLS has (typically) around 13-14,000 listings total, the Selkirk has less than 4,000 total. That being the case, the two MLS’s don’t cross each other, there are properties in the Selkirk MLS that don’t get into the Coeur d’Alene MLS and vice versa, so it’s important to look at both if at all possible.

Now, it’s time to make some choices.

You can:

(A) Allow us to set your searches for you. If you do this, we will also set up ongoing searches that will send you anything that is either new to the market or anything that has just taken a price drop, or-

(B) Search for yourself, and work your way through the MLS’s.

If you decide that you’d like us to set up your searches, we’ll send you a “big list” that has everything that fits your parameters, first. We’d like to have you look through these listings, then send us the MLS numbers of the ones you have interest in. When we get them, we’ll research them and truthfully, try to find every negative thing we can find on each one for you. The idea is that we’ll know more about the areas the properties are in, and we’ll notice more about them than the average person who isn’t from here will notice. By doing it this way, we’ll help narrow down your search so that when you arrive here, instead of driving around to see 30 properties, we’ll already have it narrowed to less than 10, and sometimes less than 5. It makes life a LOT easier for you as a Buyer, and myself as a Realtor, and is a very honest way of doing business.

So; if you’d like to have Revolutionary Realty set your searches and go to work for you, click on the link below, and provide us with SIMPLE information, minimum acreage, minimum SF on a house, maximum price, and we’ll get going on it for you right away. This is by far THE most effective, least time consuming way to get this accomplished.

Expect answers & search setups early in the morning, as that’s when most of our research work gets done, as we’re busy in daytime showing property/s.

Or; if you’d like to search for yourself, click here


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