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In North Idaho, I’ll divide up the people that are here into 2 groups, natives, who have been here since they were born, and the rest of us.

The natives are really few in number overall, as the majority of folks here came from somewhere else, California, New York, the Carolinas, literally everywhere, even Europe. You stand in line at a grocery store here, and the accents in front of you are from all over, southern drawls from Texas, fast talking people from Connecticut or New Hampshire. Canadian sounding people from Minnesota or Wisconsin. We’re a melting pot for people from across the country.

The people that I work with that are moving here are also all different kinds, truck drivers to NASA scientists, a lot of Veterans, Law Enforcement people, Doctors, Bankers, Economists. All with the same thoughts about our situation as a whole, all seeking security from what they, and I see as an oncoming storm. The people I work with aren’t tinfoil hat wearers, they are generally all the same group, common sensical, down to earth, both conservative and libertarian in their leanings, very much “to each his own”.

As a Group, North Idahoans are BIG Second Amendment Supporters, they believe in their guns, and it’s awful strange, because they come pretty close to NEVER shooting each other….

My Buyers are the Best America has to offer, I know this to be a fact, and we appreciate each one of them.



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