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In North Idaho, we have some of the nicest, lush soils you can imagine. Honestly, for the most part, our soils are just rich, you can grow anything in them.

But….we don’t have forest fires. Huh?

So what, right?

Because we don’t have forest fires, the soils we have here are FULL of seeds; so you go out in your backyard, till up some soil, and plant carrots. When they grow, you’ll have a carrot, then a yellow pine, a carrot, then a grand fir, carrot, then a tamarack tree. It’ll take 6-8 years to get those seeds weeded out of your garden.

A much simpler way, here, is to just buy a truckload of screened topsoil. It’ll cost $300.00 or so, but it will have probably less than a quarter of the seeds still in it, if it’s well screened. Put that soil in a raised bed & then make SURE to fence it. Deer go over 6 foot fences easily, so here’s how you save some money.

Install a 6 foot tall fence, but make the posts at least 7 feet out of the ground. String a piece of twine or string between the posts at the top of the posts, and the deer won’t jump it, even though it’s just a piece of string. An 8 foot tall fence is a LOT more expensive, a LOT more work, and a 6 footer will go up much quicker. If you ever need to change anything on it, a 6 foot fence is pretty easy, but an 8 foot fence will work you pretty hard, in terms of changing it.

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