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Let’s talk wood, trees, firewood, lumber.

When you buy property here, you are instantly the owner of your own timber, or trees. If you want to cut down some trees, get a chain saw. That’s it, no permits, just start cutting. If you want to have it timbered, as in have a logging company come in & strip it bare, you can, but the timber company will need to get a couple of permits to do it. They WILL be given, as there’s no woodlands here that are privately owned that the Owner can’t cut trees on.

When it comes to firewood, generally nobody cuts down any trees, because there is always plenty of deadfall (trees that have fallen on the ground already) to choose from & use for firewood that are already semi dried for you. Any tree that’s laying on the ground directly will rot out quick, and be real wet. If the tree is suspended at all off of the ground, it can lay there for years & not rot at all. So; look for downed trees that are held off the ground, even an inch is enough space between the ground & the tree to keep it from getting wet.

Taxes & Trees:

When you buy any property here that is over 5 acres, you can get a Timber Exemption from the County that will lower your taxes drastically on the property. They can typically cut property taxes in less than half or more. The property essentially needs to be 6 acres if you plan on living on it, because the Assessor will remove one acre for your home site. The timber exemption was developed for land owners to maintain and harvest timber depending on the two available timber programs. The two programs are: 1) Land Productivity which allows an owner to maintain their forest per the forest plan developed for the property. This often incorporates some planting, some harvesting possibly, and maintaining a healthy timber stand and there is no repayment of taxes if you resell the property. 2) Bare Land and Yield, which was developed for commercial logging companies, has a further reduced rate per acre on taxes owed, but has compensating taxes to pay if you harvest the timber or resell the property. Each County Assessor has a list of approved foresters that typically charge between $150-500 for a timber program. The cost is usually recouped within the first year. Anyone who buys land 5 acres or more should definitely look into this. Land Productivity is simple, has no future tax repercussions, typically requires low maintenance, and gives you a lot of information regarding your forest health and maintenance. Just contact the local County Assessor’s office and they can get you started!


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