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My Political Views

The Views Expressed Below are mine only, as the Broker of Revolutionary Realty, only.

I am a Constitutionalist, and Libertarian.

I’m not a Republican, although I have sent them plenty of Donations over the years. I believe they sold us down the river, no different than Democrats sold Detroit down the river for the last 50 years.

I’m Conservative, but that doesn’t mean in all ways.

I want FREEDOM, more than anything else, I think that Politicians (not government) have done more wrong and more to hurt & cripple the American Public than any manmade or natural disaster in History, and it all begins and ends with corruption, from the Federal Level to the Local Level.

I think that Modern Liberals are mislead, and don’t comprehend how they are being represented, as people. I don’t think there’s a Liberal in America that has bad intentions, I DO think that all of their badly laid plans are inlaid with good intentions, the Affordable Care Act being the classic example of such.

I think your land, is YOUR land.

I think the Value System or Ethicality & Morality that America’s citizens had in the 1950’s was one of the strongest that the world has ever seen, even though it is and has been denigrated by the left in so many ways since. Not everyone in the 1950’s were Bigots or Corrupt, their Morals dwarfed ours today.

I believe that if we were to start respecting each other AND respecting our Laws, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I firmly believe that any Law written to “protect people” is generally circumspect.

I think that people are capable of far more than we think they are, and that they really don’t need a hand out.

I think it’s TRULY sad that those providing the Welfare System have taken advantage of so many in our country, rendering many helplessly dependent, forever.

I know that anyone who lives in America’s Redoubt, North Idaho, is FAR Luckier and Blessed than anyone who doesn’t.

Myself, nor my Company, will not discriminate against anyone in America based on race, religion, color, National Origin, Age, Sex, Pregnancy, Citizenship, or Disability.

I do however, reserve, and HAVE THE RIGHT to refuse service to anyone based on political ideology, as it is NOT a protected class.


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"My wife and I had been searching for property for a number of years all over Idaho. We finally settled on N. Idaho as the majority of our family is there ......" Read More


Liberty is the great parent of science and of virtue; and a nation will be great in both in proportion as it is free. - Thomas Jefferson



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