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Southern Exposure...or not?

Many Folks call & ask for property that is southern facing, and I don’t always agree that this is a good thing. Here’s my reasoning:

The primary reason that a southern facing slope has been recommended by some is for growing season, and the idea that the ground will warm sooner in spring, melting off snow quicker.

In North Idaho, because we are so far north (Latitude wise, geographically), we don’t really plant outdoors much before mid May. June 21, just over a month later, is the summer solstice, and on that day, here in the mountains, daylight will start at just after 4:30 AM, and the sun will set at 10:30+ at night. So, we’re talking 16 plus hours of daylight….that’s a LOT of light. Since you will get so much light, the idea that you really need a lot more, enough to make SURE you face south, it’s not worth it, as you’re still getting that sun, regardless of your position relative to south, as the sun, for the most part, is straight up in the sky.

Let’s look at it from another perspective-

If you have a house facing south, everything in front of you will always be in shades of gray. You’re looking into the sun. Take a picture, looking in the direction of the sun, and it comes out bad, no question. But what if there are people looking up at you; they’re looking north, right, so they’ll see you in 3-D color, clear & crisp, all day every day.

From a defensive standpoint, I’d much rather be looking in some direction of north than anything south; if I’m looking south anyone below me sees me perfect, but I see them in camouflage. If inversely, they are looking south, and I’m looking north, I’ll see them well, but they’ll have a much harder time seeing me.

I think that here, anything that faces North, Northeast, or Northwest is fine, as long as the hill behind you isn’t steep. In the winter, you won’t make a lot of solar power anyways, as the sun won’t get very high in the sky for long. In summer, it won’t matter where you are as the sun will be high above you all the time regardless of your location, unless you’re in a deep valley or on the north side of a real steep slope.

And then….the majority of the Rocky Mountains, (and the Cascades) actually RUN north & south, so there’s not all that much southerly facing slope anyways. The majority face east or west, so if a person REALLY insists on having a southern facing slope, it will remove the vast majority of properties from contention, and that’s not a good thing.

So, by NOT insisting on southern facing slopes, we are able to see & use substantially more properties, greatly adding to what all is available, providing more choices!


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