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"Three years ago, my husband and I started looking for a new retreat location in North Idaho as we knew our current home, while good and fortified, would not last if TEOTWAWKI came. I did some research and found Revolutionary Realty through a prepper blog that I frequent. After checking out Chris Walsh's website, I felt that he knew a thing or two about solar power and windmills as he had detailed out his own experiences. Other agents when I inquired on properties acted like I was crazy when I started asking questions or better yet, ignored my questions and just wanted to show me the property. Not only did he have a very easy to navigate property search, he quickly made contact with me on the phone to ask questions on what our goals were and to get a better understanding of where we were and what we needed. Chris was so patient with me as I would send him dozens of listings while I was trying to narrow down what to see when we came to visit. He was open and very honest about each property. It's so tough to tell or learn a area from 1100 miles away but with his help, I learned the area before I even got there. His knowledge of the outlying areas was incredible. From what parts had bad sun exposure, water issues, too easily accessible or not defensible, he was able to explain almost every properties pros and cons so we could better utilize our time when we got there. Out of the five we ended up narrowing it down too, we ended up writing a offer on the perfect location that was more property and a better value than I expected to find. Even when we were in escrow, we needed a new easement deeded to us and he helped us lay it out so it looks like the road just dead ended. No one knows, except for a few neighbors now, that we live in that enchanted forest! Chris is still there for us three years later and is a wealth of knowledge for us to learn from. I send all of our Prepper friends to him as he is the real deal and a huge asset to the Idaho prepping community." - M.H.



"I was first introduced to Chris Walsh through a friend who was considering a move to Idaho. He came highly recommended.
If you are looking for a nice home in a suburban neighborhood then I'm sure Chris could be of help to you but that is not where Chris stands out from other professionals. If you are looking for a home with strategic relocation in mind than you will find an invaluable resource in Chris. Chris is a walking encyclopedia on ideal location, terrain, security, and prepping in general. In him you will find a strong ally in your transaction even when dealing with difficult personalities. His negotiation on my behalf saved me countless hours of frustration. He also prevented me from considering several properties I was interested in by pointing out their less than desirable locations from a strategic standpoint. I was saved many hours of research and found many valuable answers on his website and in speaking with him in person. This is THE realtor I recommend to friends and family. And I might add that I should be charging you for this information, his counsel is that valuable." - R.H.



"In 2013, we began looking for property that we could use as a retreat. We have become awakened to the many different ways that could cause us to be unsafe in our home in the city. My husband found Chris Walsh's website and sent me the link. I thought "this is the guy we need!" My husband spoke to him once or twice and then I spoke to him. We met with Chris and he sent us some properties to look at on line, and I sent him some properties I found. He is very knowledgeable about the area, the homes we should look at, those we should not consider and was very specific about why. Eventually we settled on a few properties and he took us around to look at them. It was an entertaining and educational experience. Chris is one-of-a-kind. He has an in-depth knowledge about prepping and loves to share it.

Chris was invaluable to us. We were new to prepping, a little panicky about making sure we did it right and neither my husband nor I possess skills in most areas necessary to be prepared for an emergency. He helped us find a place that was well below our budget, but it left us with enough money to do more to be prepared. He took us to his home and showed us what he has done. He gave us tremendous ideas about what we needed to do. He gave us hours and hours of advice on how to set up a "legitimate" (as he calls it) solar system that now powers our cabin completely. He helped us to figure out the best place to do it on our property, and even taught me a little about electricity which I thought was impossible. We got tips and advice about storing food and gasoline, how to best defend ourselves, how best to fish out of the local lake and he even came up once or twice to check on us and answer some questions. We spent the summer putting in our solar system and we followed his careful instructions and it worked out really well. I suspect we saved tens of thousands of dollars by following his well-researched advice. Honestly, I don't know what we would have done without him.

In the end, we became friends. Chris is much more than a Realtor. He truly cares about the people he finds properties for and has a heart of gold." - .



"Our search for property with Chris Walsh and Revolutionary Realty was a total success. His vast knowledge of the area, preparedness principles, and the microclimate were crucial in wading through hundreds of potential properties. Our criteria was strict and demanding based on our philosophical approach. We are preparedness-minded, seek self-sufficiency, grow most of our own food, and are starting multiple businesses as serial entrepreneurs. His unconventional approach and unique perspective as a preparedness-minded realtor were invaluable in finding a property that met all of our parameters. His work exceeded our expectations in terms of time saved, communication expected, and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.
What we appreciated most about working with Chris and his team (from 7000 miles away) was his ability to cut through the plethora of available properties by providing us ground truth and telling us flat out when a property would not work for us. We highly recommend Chris Walsh and Revolutionary Realty for any individual who is preparedness-minded, interested in sustainable living, or just wants a straight shooter who will work tirelessly for his client. The proof is in the pudding: we are extremely satisfied with our property." - S.



"We were searching for remote property and received a recommendation from trusted friends that Revolutionary Reality and Chris Walsh were the "go to" regional trusted resource for honesty, knowledge, responsiveness and information.

We contacted Chris and he took the time to both engage in learning what we were looking for and working to understand how to meet our expectations. He and his real estate business are unique in that remote properties can be many miles distant and challenging to evaluate suitability. Chris and his associated resources, identified several suitable properties literally in a 100 mile radius of his location. He drove miles to meet us and personally led and toured the properties. He was as critical of each property as we were through out the process. Chris is a resource for Prepper based information, is willing to share his expertise and when requested, his opinion. Expect him to care that you are protected, that the area and property have the resources suitable for your particular wish list and that your expectations are both reasonable and attainable.

For us, we purchased exactly what we needed and desired. Chris worked through our extensive list of questions and concerns by securing the data from both Federal, State and the local jurisdictions to clearly answer each requirement. We felt that Chris was looking out for us and our best interest, every step of the way. Ultimately, Chris walked us through the entire purchasing process and secured highly skilled firms to complete our acquisition in literally a 10 day period. Since our purchase, Chris has continued his service after the sale through information, contacts and recommendations. He continues to offer cost savings ideas and direction as his after the purchase client relationship, with us, meets the same high degree of service commitment.

Revolutionary Reality and Chris Walsh are expert in listening to his clients, questioning to understand what is critical, and then applying that information to the property search. Each clients needs are unique and we are proud to give Chris our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for a job very well done!" - S. & P.



"We had a wonderful experience with Chris Walsh as a realtor to find us a property well-suited for prepping. His insight into knowing the needs of a prepper was excellent. Chris' knowledge of the area and available properties was superior and he was able to direct us to the perfect piece of property within our budget. His understanding of alternative power and water sources, security, location and other needs of a prepper is excellent and a rare find. Chris is very personable and easy to work with as well as very professional and thorough. We highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to purchase and develop a prepper homestead." - P.



"When we decided it was time to trade our hectic big-city life for one of sustainability and self sufficiency, Idaho was on our short list. After making some contacts on a relocation forum, we were directed to Chris Walsh and Revolutionary Reality.
Chris was full of information and always happy to answer any of our questions or concerns. We planned a vacation to Northern Idaho to meet Chris and look at areas and properties. Upon our first meeting over breakfast, Chris mapped out areas for us to check out. He had plenty of information about each area, what to look for, and what to avoid. Every property we were interested in, Chris would look them over from a self sufficiency and sustainable perspective.

Revolutionary Realty and Chris were great to work with, and even long after the sale, Chris is rarely more than a phone away should we have questions on how things work here in Idaho, whether about real estate or self sufficiency." - C. & F.



"We heard about Chris Walsh on the John Jacob Schmidt show on Radio Free Redoubt. Immediately after listing our previous house (in another state) we gave Chris a call. It took much longer to sell our home than we had hoped, but Chris faithfully kept us updated on properties available. He was even an encouragement to us when things fell through with one potential buyer. When the time came, he was up early to show us properties. Although we had spent numerous hours researching, Chris knew the areas well and was able to inform us of many details that we might not have otherwise known. He gave us suggestions on ways of becoming more energy efficient on our new off-grid home. When it came to signing paperwork he was helpful in answering our questions so that it was all done correctly.
We are thrilled to be moved (okay, we still have some unpacked boxes), excited to begin this new adventure, and comforted knowing that we are right in the place and on the property that God has just for our family. We would most definitely recommend Chris Walsh to anyone looking for a prepper type property." - D. F.



"We first learned about Chris from a friend of ours in Oklahoma. Our friend recommended that we check out Chris' website about the American Redoubt. My husband, Steve, and I were very impressed with the amount of information we received from the site and called Chris to help us with finding a property in Northern Idaho. We were doubly impressed with Chris after talking with him on the phone and then meeting him in CDA. Chris gave us valuable information on the properties and locations to consider for purchase.
I checked real estate listings daily for over a year, calling Chris many times for his expertise. Chris was always honest about the properties and why they were or were not what we should purchase. Bless his heart, he went out many times, in the snow, to check places for us.
We finally found our perfect home, on Chris' website, and love our home in Idaho. Chris was with us all through the process and beyond. We are so grateful for all his help and encouragement in finding a home with like minded neighbors in a place that is still America." -S. & R. S.



"My husband and I have had numerous opportunities to work with a variety of real estate companies, both buying and selling properties. These were not always positive interactions. When we decided to make Northern Idaho our final destination in life, we started our search on the internet. Our search led us to Chris Walsh at Revolutionary Realty. Best real estate decision we have ever made. Chris encouraged us to familiarize ourselves with Northern Idaho. While this didn't get us right into the down and dirty, Dream home search, it did open our eyes to where our Dream home should be! When we finally began our search, Chris was invaluable as a Buyer's Agent. Most Agents work for the seller, and have no loyalty to the Buyer. Chris made sure we were knowledgeable buyers about all the homes we looked at, giving us the necessary information to make an informed decision. Once we located the home for us, Chris continued to be there and provide advice, as well as support. We, like most buyers, started our search by prequalifying through our lender. After our offer had been accepted, we had a month of jumping through hoops, sending the same information over and over again, to the bank, when they notified us that they were unable to follow through on their end of the bargain. Needless to say, the deal almost didn't go through. Again, while we were ready to throw in the towel and just walk away, it was because of Chris that we were able to close the deal. He orchestrated things flawlessly, allowing two different homes to close, collaborating with the bank, two other real estate agents, the home inspector, the well people, the title company and only God knows who else. We were in awe with how everything went. We now have the rest of our lives to live in paradise! Now that the home is ours, Chris continues to provide guidance and help us get settled. He has made us feel like family and welcomed us Home! If anyone asks us, who we would recommend to guide them through this rigorous and tedious journey, our response will be Chris Walsh and Revolutionary Realty! Thanks Chris!" - P. M.



"I was living in a metropolitan area of 2 million+ on a typical city lot longing for years to build a life that was "positively" reflective of the times we all find ourselves. As well as building a more rewarding lifestyle that was robust and resilient to the multitude of forces undermining a sensible, sustainable and ethical existence, I desired a multigenerational homestead that would ensure the basic needs/income for my loved ones over a time horizon of decades or (hopefully) longer.

Knowing one of the most vital decisions and actions would be the choice of land and its surrounding area I began my search. My solo attempts and those attempts with "traditional" realtors whom seemed locked in a price per square foot paradigm as well as an innocent lack and/or depth of knowledge of how a piece of land can be harnessed to meet MY individual goals were an epic failure and tremendous time drain.

It became clear that the "unknown unknowns" can and will deform even the best intentions. Compound that with limitations inherent to time restrictions and distance considerations it was imperative I enlist the expertise of a professional that would act a a force multiplier for my vision. The purchase of land would be a definitive choice and one that would have the most impact on nearly everything else in my plan. Enter Chris Walsh. My experience with Mr. Walsh exceeded my most pressing expectations. The months of "work" searching to no avail seemed to be distilled down in our first couple phone calls. His actual judgement and his comprehensive coherence is first rate and paired with his seemingly natural active listening habits I soon discovered I had a valuable new member on my team. Chris gave freely of his time and knowledge and pulled no punches as far as I can tell. Chris WAS my eyes and ears and carried my sensibilities well when viewing properties I asked him to. Chris provided informational material and added his "mental texture" and accurate context, which, when combined with his expertise and clear understanding of my goals, created a foundation from where I was able to make a proper, wise and prudent decision.

It has been about four months since I purchased the piece of property that Chris played a pivotal role in bringing to my attention. I now call it home and the phrase "Home Sweet Home" finally rings true for me. The homestead is progressing at an astounding rate in large part because of the lands innate characteristics that Chris identified and analyzed at the onset. His analysis has assisted greatly in my land management plan. Not to mention the breathtaking beauty I am fully immersed in everyday. Nearly everyday my gratitude for Chris's valuable assistance grows. I've been "Counting Coup" every day I've been on the homestead. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is ready to not only just take action but to do it with focus, clarity, purpose, integrity and a vision. No fear." - A.K.



"My wife and I had been searching for property for a number of years all over Idaho.
We finally settled on n.idaho as the majority of our family is there. I came across Chris' contact info from a property I looked at. I gave him my perimeters ( you know, 100 acres with running water, surrounded by forest, amazing views, not too far from town and with decent roads for about 150k!! You know like everyone is looking for.) He was very professional and didn't physically laugh out loud, instead he gathered my information and set about compiling about a half a dozen properties for me to look at. I told him that I would self tour and I would let him know what I thought. He gave me a synopsis of each of the areas I was going to look at, he was spot on With his assessment of the areas. I must confess, I view agents in about the same light as car salesmen say whatever you need to sign the deal and caveat emptor if YOU didn't find out about the issues running with the property tough luck. Chris was incredibly honest, to the point I thought" dude you're scaring me off this one". Chris was an amazing wealth of knowledge and was very generous with his personal experiences good and bad. I can give a wholehearted endorsement to Chris and Revolutionary Realty based on our experience." - E. V.



"How can we thank you for all the help, advice, guidance, mentoring, etc. that you have provided both during our search for property and every step of the way since? We fell head over heels in love with North Idaho from our first trip and quickly narrowed our search for the perfect retirement haven/hunting property to the panhandle. You understood what we wanted better than we did ourselves and although the property we purchased didn't meet what we thought our criteria should be, you understood what we couldn't articulate and found us the perfect spot!

While we don't consider ourselves "preppers" necessarily; and weren't originally looking for "off-the-grid" many of the qualities of our land search dove-tailed with those philosophies and without your guidance and sharing of your knowledge and confidence, we probably would've skipped right over our "perfect place" as the thought of being off-grid would have been overwhelming.

Not only did we find the perfect realtor to help us realize our dreams, we have found a friend.
Thank you." - R. & J. S.



"In 2013 our family was disappointed with the state of our government and economy and discussed moving toward a state that offered more freedom and individual liberty. North Idaho was on our short list so we decided a road trip was in order to search and explore beyond what we could read and see online. As we were planning the trip we found the website for Revolutionary Realty which led us to believe Chris Walsh's values were aligned with ours and he might be a good person to assist with our search. Before calling Chris we spent hours doing our research by looking at properties online and thought we had an area narrowed down and some MLS numbers we wanted to view. We contacted Chris and discussed our list while describing what we wanted: a country setting with water, pasture for animals, wooded area, improvements, one or two houses, a reasonable distance from town, the ability to shoot/hunt on our property, and a defensible layout.

With a quick email back the following morning Chris was able to help us disqualify many of the properties we wanted to view because he had already evaluated them and explained the disadvantages of each. One was too far out, one had a steep driveway that would have been difficult in the winter, one was near to a rock quarry, another did not have any defensible space, etc. We were shocked at Chris' immediate depth of knowledge about each property - turns out he had inspected and evaluated them already! He sent us a list based on our criteria and recommended we view them online and check them during our trip. In addition he steered us clear of an area that looked good, but in the long run he thought another area would be better suited for us. We made the trip, met up with Chris and he showed us the perfect property very quickly - naturally it was on his list. We decided very quickly to sell everything and move.
But that was not the end of the story. As we made the offer we were informed the seller had another buyer so they asked for the best offer from both parties. Discussing strategy with Chris we let him know that we found exactly what we wanted and knew it from the first time we looked at it. He asked what we liked and what our plans were going to be. He helped us compare value to other properties for sale and our family decided to increase our offer. Chris then asked if we would allow him to write a letter to the seller to be submitted with our offer and we agreed. Chris described who we were, how much we loved the property, and tried to comfort the seller that the new buyers were good people and described our future plans for their property. The offers from both parties were very similar, but it was Chris' letter that that impressed the seller so much that our offer was accepted! Thanks to Chris we now have a wonderful family property in the perfect setting and we could not be happier.

I highly recommend Chris Walsh to anyone looking for a property in North Idaho. Chris' knowledge of the market and properties offered for sale is top notch. He answered all of our questions and gave us some very insightful and useful information specific to North Idaho that has made our transition more comfortable and enjoyable." -F. L.



"I want to once again thank you for all you did to assist us in finding and purchasing our mountain property. As a business man who has bought and sold numerous commercial, residential, and investment properties over the last two and a half decades, I had lost sight of the importance of having the right representative when purchasing real estate. Most real estate professionals' focus on listing properties and have a "let the buyer beware attitude". As my representative, I appreciated the fact that you listened to and understood first and foremost our needs in acquiring a self-sustaining or survival property.

Your process did an excellent job of keeping us focused on that which was important in securing a property that has the natural resources necessary given our unique family circumstances. There were many properties listed online in Northern Idaho that claimed to have what we needed or what we were looking for in a survival property. They all looked good on paper but as an out-of-state buyer we had no way of knowing or verifying if a property was right for us. As such, I especially appreciated your ability to survey the properties to quickly assess/verify a properties ability to meet our specific needs. Your process kept us focused and helped us stay on track in finding the RIGHT property vs. any property that was listed within our "price-range" as a so-called survival property. Lastly and most importantly you went above and beyond the call of duty to see to it that once an offer was presented and accepted, that we would not lose the property during the escrow process.

Again, being from out-of-state we were not versed on the rules or ways of going from offer to close and I'm confident that without your representation/guidance, we would have lost the property that we now own. Therefore, I would highly recommend Revolutionary Realty to anyone that is considering the purchase of a self-sustaining property or homestead in Northern Idaho. " - S.T.



"A few years ago we sat down to map out some goals. Near the top was to plan our 'escape' from Colorado since the state is rapidly following California in the race to the bottom. During the next couple of years we scoured the southeast quadrant of Wyoming looking for an ideal property to carry out our plan. Talk about an educational experience - we were pretty much on our own trying to sort out all the local quirks and gotchas. Finding a realtor that would return our calls was rare; getting any useful information was even more difficult. Gradually we came to the conclusion that Wyoming was not the right place so we widened the search to include Montana and Idaho. Chris had come to my attention via a podcast so I reached out to him prior to an exploratory trip to Idaho.

After our prior experience with realtors, Chris was a real breath of fresh air. His approach was unconventional but he was very responsive to our many questions and very knowledgeable about the area. We met for breakfast and after some discussion Chris gave us a map and some suggestions for checking out the area. He took the time to understand our goals and objectives plus he wanted to make sure we understood the area and culture. He was very focused on making sure we made a wise purchase decision from the start. It was clear he wanted to make the right sale for us, not just make a sale. We spent a lot of time driving around the area to check out potential properties and then sent our list to Chris for feedback. He spent a lot of time explaining the pros and cons of each piece of property. He was aware of issues like access to water, the character of each community, proximity to trains and actual buildable / useable area. Chris had explained that buying a home on property was a much better value than buying bare land and we quickly found that to be true.

Once we decided to make an offer Chris provided the necessary guidance to close the deal. He bent over backwards to get a quality contractor on site to obtain an estimate for some repairs discovered by the inspector. As a result we were able to work with the seller to get the issues resolved without delaying the closing. Chris has also been available for questions about the area after our closing and has continued to provide wise counsel as we prepare to move to Idaho.
We found Chris to be trustworthy, knowledgeable and diligent. He put our best interests above his own. We would highly recommend you contact Chris if you are looking for property in Northern Idaho." - M.R.



A Couples Experience:

His version:

Chris Walsh is not just a fantastic realtor with exceptional knowledge and experience in many things but also a highly valuable buyers and/or sellers agent and worthy personal representative who goes far beyond the usual call of duty. He has taken the shirt off his back to help us find a home in Northern Idaho and successfully negotiate the purchase in record time.

I learned of Chris after reading valuable information from his well designed web site and ventured a call to solicit his help in searching for a property. I did not give him much notice when I let him know that we planned our first trip to Northern Idaho and were arriving in one week. He went right to work and lost sleep searching the MLS for property matching our criterion. I knew he was a serious player when I learned he had spent the entire night after we called him searching the MLS for us. He sent us back 89 listings that we then narrowed to 10 to see on the next Saturday. He did not promise us anything he could not deliver but was hopeful we would make the day productive. We met Chris early that Saturday morning and began a world class tour of the area as we followed him in our car with him narrating our drive and openly sharing with us the ins and outs of the area. We had just visited three properties, when we felt very good about one in particular that he had not yet visited personally but was offered by another realtor. He did not baulk at the suggestion of our making an offer on that property so quickly despite the fact that it was not his listing and knowing full well he was to split the commission with the other realtor. We finished the day seeing all 10 homes without taking a break to be sure we toured them all and were satisfied with our choice.

There was no pressure from Chris whatsoever but we were allowed to make our decision independently. In the rush of it all we had neglected to make hotel reservations and Chris went far out of his way to be sure we were well accommodated before our trip back home the next day. The escrow experience was streamlined by Chris and his associates who made sure we closed on time and he has not ceased to be very supportive in being sure we were comfortably settled in at our new place. I cannot say enough good about Chris Walsh not only as a valuable real estate professional but now as an amazing friend in our new home town.

Her version:

I called Chris Walsh on very short notice before my first trip to northern Idaho. First, he went through the MLS and scoured 100 homes to match my needs through the night. He narrowed them down to 10 homes. We began our search from early in the morning until dinner time. I did not want to take a break, so we both missed lunch. But he was fine with that. I looked at each of the 10 homes and realized the 3rd one already met my expectations and more. He recommended a loan group who could push things through rather rapidly. He was instrumental in making sure the loan company kept things moving smoothly. I closed escrow in 30 days. He was also thorough in explaining what tax discounts I could receive after I finished signing the paperwork with the Title company.

When I retired that evening, he made sure I had accommodation recommendations and even set up a reservation at an amazing restaurant in town. He continues to be helpful in answering my questions after my home purchase and assists me with any additional things to make my home better. He has been excellent in giving me the tour of Northern Idaho, plus he has great referrals for local merchants and suppliers. Chris makes good things happen. I highly recommend Chris Walsh at Revolutionary Realty without reservation.

- L. & S.



"When my family decided we were moving to N Idaho I knew we were going to need the help of an experienced realtor. There was no way my "vacation trips" and "zillow searches" were going to be enough. I was worried about buying in the wrong area for our family, concerned I'd buy a place that ran out of water, a place that was not defensible or had other soon to be zoning issues. There was no way with me running my own business I could ever learn fast enough about the lay of the land. A friend of mine saw an article in 'The Economist' where Chris and Revolutionary Realty were a main part of the article, my friend suggested this might be a realtor for me. My son-in-law and I scoured and we both decided this was absolutely the type of no bullshit help we needed. I worked with Chris for over a year, emailing back and forth, he set up real estate searches to be send to my in box so when I had the time, I could look at each one that he felt may be an option for us. When we were ready to make our move, he worked with me each step of the way, preparing me for each next step so I wasn't caught off guard at any point in the process. When the sale failed on my home in Oregon, I thought all was lost but once again the years of experience Chris had, saved my deal. His creative problem solving got me to the end and a successful purchase. I went through 5 real estate agents before I found Chris Walsh. His experience and strong network is priceless. I say to anyone who is "leery" or "offended" by honesty - you should go find someone else to work with because I've already recommended Revolutionary Realty to my like minded friends and coworkers so he doesn't have time to help liberals! (I think you should have more testimonials on your website Buddy) Everyone I've met who you've worked with LOVES you and all of them have stories like mine. What you do is unique and highly specialized - let your customers do the talking for you. - S.K.


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