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 We provide complete information on North Idaho’s Redoubt, from the articles we wrote and share (below left) to detailed onsite information on individual properties, all from a Local perspective. Our Buyers are simply well informed and diligent in their search, and we help them every way we can.



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Idaho Through My Eyes

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Water Rights

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Timber Rights/ Firewood/ Taxes

NFS Firewood Permits

Growing Food/Soils

Southern Exposure…or not?

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Outdoor Activities

Solar Power/ Alternative Energy

Hydroelectric Possibilities

What happens every day?

Why do people come here?

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Time for research on individual properties

After you look through the listings we’ve sent, and any others you find online; please send us (up to 10 at a time, please) the MLS numbers or addresses of the properties you have interest in. When we receive them, we’ll research them for you; trying to find every negative thing we can find on each one for you; from bad roads to bad areas, too much water to not enough water, heavy snow areas etc. We’ll send you back mapping information, along with a short narrative or paragraph that explains what we find in our initial research.

The idea is that we’ll know more about the areas & roads the properties are in & on, and we’ll notice more about them than the average person who isn’t from here will notice. By doing the research in advance, we’ll help narrow down your search so that when you arrive here, instead of driving around to see 50 properties, we’ll already have it narrowed to less than 10, and sometimes less than 5. It makes life a LOT easier for you as a Buyer, and myself as a Realtor/Broker, and is a very honest way of doing business. The ideal is simple; it’s better to take you to see 6 GREAT properties versus driving for 5 days to see 43 that are almost all problem properties….our research will generally remove 90% or more of the properties you send us from contention; leaving only the BEST properties for us to go & see in person; saving yourself tons of time & wasted effort.

We won’t cheerlead any properties, as in try to “talk you into” buying anything. Good properties will stand on their own merit; they’ll call your attention & you’ll buy them for what they are. At Revolutionary Realty, we KNOW there is no such thing as “selling” someone land or homes, our plan & ideal is to be the best source of information that you can possibly get, anywhere; then you make your own choices.



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