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Step 2

The Search Begins!

North Idaho has (2) Multiple Listing Services, the Coeur d’Alene MLS and the Selkirk MLS.

Revolutionary Realty is a Member of both North Idaho Multiple Listing Services, providing our Buyers direct access to both MLS’s; from this website, for free.

The Coeur d’Alene MLS has (typically) 16-18,000 listings total, the Selkirk has less than 4,000 total. The two MLS’s don’t cooperate with each other, so there are properties in the Selkirk MLS that aren’t displayed in the Coeur d’Alene MLS and vice versa, so it’s important to look at both if at all possible.

Time to make some choices.

You can either (or both!):

(A) Allow us to set your searches for you. If we set up your searches, we will also set up ongoing searches that will automatically & quickly send you anything that is either new to the market or anything that has just taken a price drop, Set up searches for me!

(B) Search for yourself, and work your way through the properties in both MLS’s. Search For Myself

If you decide that you’d like us to set up your searches, (“A”, above) we’ll develop your searches and forward you a “big list” that has all of our listings that fit your parameters. We’ll also set up searches that will continue to send you any properties that fit your parameters & are either new to market or have just taken a price drop; so you’ll be kept up to date on any new properties on the market.

A little information on how we set up searches in North Idaho:

When we set up your searches, we’re looking for some very basic information; and here’s why we try to keep it simple:

Minimum Square Feet

The reason it is better to use “minimum square feet” as a parameter, versus using bedrooms & bathrooms, is because in North Idaho, there will be homes that have either too many bedrooms or not enough bedrooms for the size of the home. So for example, we use “3 bedroom” as a parameter, but we miss the 2800 SF home that has 2 bedrooms….and a den….and a workout room…and (2) storage rooms; all of which could easily be converted into bedrooms.

Minimum Acreage

Most rural land and homes in North Idaho will be on 10 acres or more, there are some 5 acre parcels but many will have CC&R’s & HOA’s; the majority of my Buyers demand the freedom to do whatever they like on their own property; shoot hunt, it’s about Freedom; so CC&R’s & HOA’s are for the most part, out.

Maximum Price

On max price, the idea is that you will receive everything in the MLS that is UNDER your maximum price. So for example, if you say that your max price is $500,000, you will only receive properties that are priced at $500,000 & under. If we don’t set a “Max price” than you will receive (via email) properties that are millions of dollars more than you’d like to spend.

So; if you’d like to have Revolutionary Realty set your searches and go to work for you, click on the link below, and provide us with SIMPLE information, minimum acreage, minimum SF on a house, maximum price, and we’ll get going on it for you right away. This is by far THE most effective, least time consuming way to get this accomplished.

Step 3


Call or email anytime
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