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Greetings Fellow Patriots!

Everything you read below are my personal experiences in installing and managing solar electric panels, wind electric (wind power), water spring development, hydroponic food growing, building a root cellar from a shipping container, solar hot water heating and much more. Most all of it is do it yourself stuff, we had a ball doing it, and feel better FOR doing it!

I’ll try to be as detailed as I can; and provide pictures that will help you to understand this stuff. I’ll also be happy to help anyone that Buys property through me or my company with information directly, in person, on any of it. I’m no genius, but I do have a fairly thorough understanding of how this all works, and what it takes to get yourself “off-grid” for the least amount of money & headache.

Why North Idaho?

Developing A Drinking/Potable Water Spring on Your Property

Wind Powered Electric Generator & Tower Installation

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Storage Batteries; (The BIG ones, and why they make more sense)

Battery Watering System (Or remove many caps & wear a forehead lamp)

Cabling & SIMPLE Understanding of Volts, Amps & Watts

Making & Installing a Solar Hot Water Heater

Saving Money on Doing it All

Coming soon:

“Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Gardening”

“Lister Diesel Engines for Power AND Work”

“A Simple Comparison of Different Fueled Generators, Diesel, Gasoline, Propane, Natural Gas”

“Waste Oil Cleaning/Dewatering”



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