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Why North Idaho?

Without hyperbole, Idaho is a Sanctuary

It’s a place where the air is clean, fresh water plentiful, and people remain civil.

We are lucky enough to live where the hunting is good to great, and the fishing matches it. Where people EXPECT you to pull over & offer a hand to someone in need, broken down or stuck in a ditch. North Idaho has nothing, in terms of weather, that will endanger your life. No tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, or floods. Our area is blessed with 4 seasons of simple, good weather, no extremes, hot or cold. Most people here believe in the Second Amendment, these are people who truly believe in America, from ALL persuasions of religion, race, and creed. They stand with hands over their hearts at the 4th of July Parade every year, many with small, hopefully hidden tears sliding off sunburned cheeks.

They are Patriots.

The BEST part about North Idaho is her people, and those that are drawn to her, to be near & immersed in like minded folks.

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